My Services

Customer service is my main priority in my business. Why? Because I don't appreciate when I get bad service and wouldn't expect my clients not to feel the same. In such a small town such as the Sunshine Coast, word travels fast and no one wants to interact with a company that is rude and miserable. If you go to companies here that have been in business for 60 years, you can tell why they've been in business for 60 years! And that is my main career goal, to be one of those businesses in my hometown that is around for years to come and provide the best service I can provide to all my clients. I promise to ensure I am always available and keeping myself knowledgeable. If I can't answer your questions, we will find them out together!

I like to meet and get to know my clients before looking at property as well, to really find out exactly what they're looking for so we aren't wasting their time with showings and sending potential properties over that are just not going to work.
I also provide services such as auto notifications, referral of services such as inspectors, lawyers, etc. I will hand select listings rather then auto notifications and pre-view homes if the client prefers. 

With the help of my graduation from business administration I consider myself professional and with my conveyance background I consider myself knowledgeable and a contract expert to ensure my clients are well taken care of and protected with one of the biggest transactions of their life! 

In addition to my above and beyond services that I offer my clients I also can help find you a reputable REALTOR in an area that you may be interested in buying or selling. With RE/MAX we have many conferences and sale rallies that are a great way for me to meet other agents and create relationships with around the globe! I ensure that the agent is like myself - hardworking, enthusiastic, reliable, available and a personality match with the client. I will do all the necessary background work so you don't have to for FREE! RE/MAX also has a referral program on our agent portal that allows us to easily find a licensed REALTOR within an area. 

Please feel free to reach out and chat with me for more information regarding listing or buyer presentation and what services I am able to offer to you!