SPCA Sunshine Coast Branch

Our local SPCA branch here is wonderful! I grew up with animals on an acreage in Gibsons and always have had a love for them. The local SPCA used to be at the end of our street and I would always walk down there as a kid to visit and say hi. Once they moved to Wilson Creek and I grew up a bit I didn't go there as much but now that I am older and certainly more community and animal cruelty aware, I make an effort to do what I can for our branch. I encourage everyone to go there to help a hand whether its cleaning, taking the dogs for a walk or offer services such as appliance repairs, catio or dog kennel building or even just playing with the kittys. The volunteers there are so kind and have such a tough job from bad owners being horrible to them from seeing the worse of the worse. 

After volunteering there myself and I decided to create a career in Real Estate I knew I wanted to make more of a difference so I donate 1% of each sale to the Local SPCA and I am always sharing their requests to the public for help or donations.

I have a cat of my own, not by my own choosing haha. She decided I was where she was going to stay. I had rescued her from some terrible old neighbors of mine, when we found each other I thought she was a baby kitten but after a vet visit, it was then that I found out she was in fact 8 years old, she was just so skinny we didn't know. But now that she's been in our life for almost 10 years shes healthy and spoiled - thats her in the picture below!

If your looking for an animal lover to help find your dream home for your family including your fur babies then im the right agent for you and i'd be happy to chat more with you!