Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast

Our office has been on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years. In December 2012, our managing broker and now owner, purchased the office and has grown it to what it is today with weekly training plus continuous encouragement and support for each one of our businesses. When he purchased our office, we had 2 other offices in the Vancouver area, one on Abbott Street downtown and one on Kingsway in Vancouver East. Since then, we have grown to a total of 5 offices. I have grown many close relationships with our 200+ realtors and certainly use that to the benefit for all my sellers. I reach out and connect with them often to see if they may have a buyer for my listing(s), with so many Vancouverites looking to relocate to the Sunshine Coast its a no brainer. I can also refer the right real estate agent for you knowing them personally and really choosing a personality match if your needing to sell in Vancouver or choosing to leave the Sunshine Coast!

If your interested in learning how having a real estate agent closely connected in Vancouver can help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar, connect with me today, I would love to chat with you!